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Setup Replication from Management studio

Creating Publication :

We need to first create a publication with selected article which need to publish from Replication and then right click on Local Publication, you can view New Publication. Click on that

After click on that you can view following screen after some steps of publication wizard for selection of replication types as following .you need to select the database for article.

With selection of one of the replication types, screen will display tables and select tables which need to publish

We can also publish only specific columns from tables

Then set the schedule for that

Finally wizards will create publication .

Creating Subscription :

We can create one or more subscription to publication (which is created from above)

To create a subscription we need to go on Local Subscription and with right click on we can see following wizard with publication list which you created.

After selection of one of the publication , wizard will give option of database selection for subscription.

Finally subscription is also created with initialization option.