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Installation of SQL Server 2011 (Code Named - Denali)

I am very happy today because I downloaded SQL Server 2011 (Denali) CTP1 and installed in my machine. Also getting started to write the post for the SQL Server Denali.

Write now I want to getting started with the installation of SQL server 2011 as how can we install.

Here are the some of steps and snaps which will drive us to finish the installation.

1. Planning to installed SQL Server.

2. Getting started and installation options.

3. Setup support rules.

4. Selection of the edition to be installed.

5. Setup support files.

6. Setup support rules and report for the same.

7.  Setup roles.

8. Future selection and select the options which want to install.

9.  Installation rules and i'ts report.

10. Instance configuration , Instance name and directory selection to be installed SQL Server.

11. Disk usage summary.

12. Account name and password selection screen for the SQL services.

13. Authenticate mode and system password selection with database engine configuration.

14. Analysis service and account option.

15. Mode of Reporting service configuration.

16. Installation configuration rules and report for same.

17.  Getting ready to be install after all configuration completed.

18. Installation in progress.

19. Finally installation finish and success report.


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