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Keyboard Shortcuts for Query analyzer – SQL Server

Most common queries or tsql statements when we used most and worked more with them, then the best way is we should created keyboard shortcuts.

Like select database properties, stored procedures text or top 10 records of tables. table serach, procedure or any object search i have created shortcut keys. It really help us to get work fast.

It’s created as following,


Let us find the database name contain word "db" using shortcut key

Pressing Ctrl + 4 and It will result set as below.


Now look for the database property using keyboard shortcut .

Pressing Alt + F1 give us database property for above selected database .


Looking for the stored procedures name started with “SP”.

Pressing Ctrl + 5 and will return the name of the stored procedures as above condition.


Same way we have object list which contain with ‘%tab%’.

Pressing Ctrl+6 will give us the object names which we want.


What you do for the queries which you mostly used?

Share your shortcuts and queries which you are using . Please don't create shortcuts for Delete or Drop, it will be a risky.