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Released a new version of the maintenance solution by Ola Hallengren - SQL Server

Ola Hallengren is a DBA in SQL Server and achieved MCITP Database Administrator and MCITP Database Developer certifications.
In the new version optimized performance in IndexOptimize for databases with large number of indexes or sql servers with large number of databases. The time for rebuilding or reorganizing indexes is the same, but the time for investigating indexes has been reduced.

Please find the Database Maintenance Solution script and download from here,

This script have the Maintenance Solution for the database backups, Database Integrity Check, Index Optimization with Reorganize or Rebuilding. Also fixed an issue in Database Backup with databases that has very long database names (e.g. SharePoint databases). In the old version you could run into the limitation for the length of a backup device.

You can have more updates from the details for these scripts and the changed introduced in version history updated page.You can find the version history at

Please try this new version of the Maintenance Solution scripts and you can feel free to contact Ola and can know more here,


  1. What did u release bummer?

    All the sweat is his. Why would you need a blogpost when prominent bloggers like brad mcgehee have already covered/updated on regular basis

  2. yes I know, He regularaly updated on this. But i got the message for the new version updates. So i would like to publish these scripts to all readers.

    Thanks for your comments.


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