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Enjoy with new feature of SQL Server 2008 - Intellisense

In SQL Server 2005 or previous version , whenever I was working to write the script, query or stored procedures at that time if i forgot object names which was going to used in the script, then i was need to get the proper object name by system query or from the list of objects in management studio.

But SQL Server 2008 introduces a new feature of the above such problem. Yes, that is "Intellisense" feature. Using it, we can easily get all the objects list in query analyzer. I am going to put very small demo of this feature here.


USE IntellisenseDB


IF ( Object_id('IntellisenseTable') > 0 )
  DROP TABLE IntellisenseTable


CREATE TABLE IntellisenseTable
     Id    INT,
     Value VARCHAR(10)

Let's look at the below images, how intelligence works. From below screenshot, I am selecting the database created above.

This image list all the objects from inside of selected database as above.

I hope you liked this new feature and post as well. Happy Development!!!


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