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Learned and Enjoyed at Microsoft TechEd 2011,Ahmedabad

I hope you all have attended Microsoft TechEd 2011 at Ahmedabad on 11th June 2011 and very interesting topics about SQL Server, ASP.NET, Windows Phones, Windows Azure and HTML 5 were there. I haven't missed anything from them and topics are very interested and enjoyable at all. Haven't you missed?  Because this opportunity come sometime so we should grab as it tech us , learn us so many things for technologies.

So many Audiences have captured the event, people anywhere in room i have seen not even empty space there. I am DBA, but i have learnt many things of other technologies like HTML, ASP.NET tips, Windows phone new features, Windows Azure.

The Agenda was:

1. LightSwitch On The Cloud! :

This session was conducted by Mahesh Dhola. He speech about to create an common business application very fast LightSwith VS 2010 in Windows azure. And the interesting thing is that the application is created with 0 lines of the code with features like Searching, Sorting, Publishing, Filtering.

We can create a screen layouts and it can be change at runtime as well without rebuilding it. We can customize it as per requirement as well.

I have learnt from begin to end process to create a common business application. You can learn this from Common Business Application using Lightswitch VS 2010 with 0 line of code in Windows Azure.

2. SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting using Waits and Queues :

There was a fantastic session on Waits and Queues by Pinal Dave about to performance tuning which can be very helpful to DBA as well as Developer. I never want to miss this type of session. This was the session about to identify the wait stats and tuning for the same. There were two most wait types presented, One is WRITELOG and Second is LATCH.

Have you missed it? you can learn for here,
Sometime small thing can tech more and it can be more important. Very nice demonstration was there by Pinal.

3. HTML5 - Future of the Web :

Harish Vaidyanathan who spoke on the new features and enhancement of HTML 5. I really larned and enjoyed a lot the demonstration of all new features. Amazing features at all.

Here you can find small post, HTML 5 new features.

4. TSQL Worst Practices :

This is an interactive session Jacob Sebastian who was the speaker, where we will go over a number of "good looking" TSQL usages that are often quite "dangerous" by means of killing performance as well as producing incorrect and unexpected results.

Worst practice can teach us in life to avoid such issues again and again if you did it one time or learned. DBA or Developer should know the mistake they did in coding or during development or writing some queries. And that mistake is due to worst practices. So concerning on that we should learn best practices so we can avoid issues maximum as possible.

He had demonstrate intresting examples for the tsql worst practices. I really learned and enjoyed a lot those examples.

If you have missed event then you can learn from here,

5. ASP.NET Tips and Tricks :

Tejas Shah who conducted the session at TechEd 2011 on understanding of Asp.Net fundamentals and tricks that can be used in development with Demo. This session also covers how to improve application performance.  As a DBA i also enjoyed some .NET tips and Tricks and really it was amazing tips for the performance of .NET code.

I learnt some of the tricks like ViewState, Caching and Paging in .NET. You can learn some of tips here, ASP.NET Tips for ViewState, Caching and Paging

6. Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) :

Very learning and session for the Windows Phone Mango by Dhananjay Kumar. I glad to know that mupltiple third party applications can run parallel without closing each other with Windows Phone Mango. Means my applications to listen songs, viewing photos, fetching data from SQL Azure, all these application can run parallel.

Also amazing one more feature is we can extract address from contact lists. Nice to learn here,

7. Demo Extravaganza & Gifts :

Finally Some of the people got the chance to win exited gifts at the end of the all sessions. I did not got any but one person Kirti Darji from my group got Pen Drive by end.

Finally at the end of the post, I would like to thanks all the speakers for organizing this event , sharing their knowledge and given opportunity to grab it, learn it.