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SQL Server Denali CTP3 - What's New?

You may already downloaded SQL Server Denali CTP1 and hope you practiced all the new features of CTP1. You can also read the new features of CTP1. I have downloaded SQL Server 2011 CTP3 and get started to review new features arrived with it. After completion of CTP1 review, you can download CTP3 here, You can choose 32 or 64 bit version.

Let us look at some of the new features provided by this latest CTP. So have a look, Some of the new features are listed below from which I have taken as a reference.

1. New Built-in functions(t-sql):
   -CHOOSE (Transact-SQL)
   -IIF (Transact-SQL)
   -CONCAT (Transact-SQL)
   -FORMAT (Transact-SQL)
2. Analytical Functions(t-sql):
3. SQL Server Express LocalDB
4. New Query Optimizer hints:
5. Extended OVer clause Enhancements
6. Xevent Enhancements
7. Database Tuning Advisor(DTA) Enhancements
8. New Dynamic Management Views(DMVs) and function
9. Partition Support Increased
10.Columnstore Indexes(Data Warehouse query)
11.Support online index rebuild with varchar(max), nvarchar(max), and varbinary(max) columns.

You can learn all justlearned which i have submitted. I have also not completed practical and practice of all the listed features, but i will review all the new features as soon as possible and will post in future. Please comment when you found new.