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The SQL Server Updates Daily -

I have just created papers on for the SQL Server updates and socialized it. It giving the daily headlines of the posts and technology news for the SQL Servers by categorized with various tags like Headlines, Technology , #JustLearned and all other SQL Server daily publications.

It daily update as per schedules which you choose and also distribute to social media whenever any contributors publish a new things of SQL Servers and appear here as well. You can see today's snaps of this paper.

You can see there are some tags , it will be changed  as per posts header or post tags. You can read more on articles by clicks on headings. you can also create your own papers for the any technologies and can get this heads from social media which is configurable from your account.

If you want to subscribe to get update you on daily basis with SQL Server, subscribe here.
I have catch daily updates and embed with my blog.

Do not forgot to read next SQL Server updates which are about in next 4 hours.