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Just Learned Summary - A Month of August, 2011

Moving to the next post i want to just go through some of the just learned tips which i have contributed on for the Month of August. Very happy to moving on September Month and will post some of new learning tips and share with you.

It is really useful to us because it teach us so many thing even it is small tips. I never want to miss the opportunity to contribute and distribute these useful tips to my network. So again moving on next Month, I remind you to read and share JL (just lerned) posts which are listed below.

1. sys.dm_exec_query_stats - Returns aggregate performance statistics for cached query plans in SQL Server Denali CTP3
2. sys.dm_os_windows_info - Returns Windows operating system version information in SQL Server Denali, CTP3
3. Get last day/date of Month for specified date in SQL Server
4. Precedence order for data types in SQL Server
5. sys.dm_os_volume_stats - Returns information about the operating system volume (directory) for databases files in SQL Server Denali CTP3
6. SQL Server 2008 supports different types of compressions for different partitions in a table
7. Finding free space in database files of current database in SQL Server
8. In a single alter statement, a partition can be rebuilt separately using compression and other partitions without compressing
9. To connect default local instance, we can use "." also.
10. Replication supports 15,000 partitions in SQL Server Denali CTP3
11. Custom STOPLIST for FULLTEXT Index in SQL Server
12. Adding and Removing NoiseWords/StopWords in STOPLIST of FULLTEXT Index - SQL Server
13. Adding and removing STOPLIST to Fulltext Index in SQL Server
14. sys.syslanguages - Returns details for each language present in the instance of SQL Server
15. Ways to add primary key on existing table in SQL Server
16. SP_SETTRIGGERORDER - Specify the FIRST and LAST order of triggers only in SQL Server
17. Creating FULLTEXT Index with custom STOPLIST in SQL Server
18. Change display name at runtime during mail sending using database mail in SQL Server
19. Script to upload files via FTP in SQL Server
20. Change transfer mode from ASCII to BINARY for files upload via FTP - SQL Server

You can  read all JL posted, Happy learning!