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Monitor SQL Server's Activity with Activity Monitor - SQL Server 2008

With SQL server 2008 and the feature provided by it, This is a best feature for DBA people to get easily information for the SQL server details and process running inside it. You can read all features provided by SQL Server 2008

This feature is "Activity Monitor". With Activity Monitor we can monitor database server health, performance issues, CPU and memory monitor and we can easily troubleshoot after figuring the issues. Below are some snaps of Activity Monitor.

1.Overview : Have summery with graphs and details.

2. Processes :

3. Resource Waits:

4. Database File I/O :

5. Recent Expensive Queries:

Keep it up to monitor SQL Server activity!


  1. You can read more on the Activity Monitor in my post:

    I show how to trace any offending process seen in the Activity Monitor, kill the offending process and also on the administrative aspects of the Activity Monitor (who can access it and who can administer processes from the Activity Monitor).


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