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How to reset SQL Server all default settings in SQL Server Denali CTP3?

Before a few days ago I have installed SQL Server Denali CTP3. Then I was querying in query analyzer and found, minimizing result is not working with CTRL+R is not working. Before CTP3 I have already Denali CTP1 installed in my machine and it was working perfectly, So it stops to work with SQL Server CTP3.The default SQL Server settings was changed during this installation.

One of the solution:
I did not find any option to resolve it. Then I found one solution to reset these settings, which are changed during Denali CTP3 installation. Below are some snaps which I performed to recover it back.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

After completion of all above steps, I recovered my SQL Server default setting and CTRL+R working perfectly now with CTP3.


  1. It will reset to default setting for import export only, how can i reset all settings?


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