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Apply discrepancies at destination using SSIS - tablediff Utility in SQL Server

The last time we saw tablediff Utility basis and tablediff utility for multiple tables using SSIS. As you know using sssis package it generated discrepancies log files for database changes which we have to apply on destination servers\databases to make them seem. Now this post is extended for the same in which we will take care to automatically apply the discrepancies for each file generated at destination.
I am writing here for the next portion of previous post using ssis package for multiple tables and changes to be generated. Let create remaining part and add to existing package.

In the previous post we have visited first three steps and here I added last three steps (4 to 6). For the steps (1 to 3) please visit this post. Let’s continue with the remaining steps,

Step 4 : For each loop container
Retrieving each log files for the process,

Here we have taken one more variable to capture full log file path in variable named “Filename” and the following process will do the same,

Step 5 : Execute SQL Task
Taking destination database connection and using file connection,

To apply multiple file changes to destination, taken expression for FileConnection,

Step 6 : File System Task
Moving files to other location after process, so does not repeat next time,

After completing and running all the steps we will have the destination database to same as source , let us run first three steps (1 to 3) after changes apply and verify if found any other discrepancies,

You can see after this run, we have a message by tablediff utility is “Source table and destination table are identical” and it won't generate any discrepancies log files more. I want to know you are using, these steps to apply changes to destination using ssis? Waiting for your comments!