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Replication components are not installed on this server - Error while adding subscriber in replication

Recently, when I was working on replication task. It has been to just add new subscribers to an existing publication. Some of their added successfully but some of failed due to replication component is missing. Before you go ahead into details I would like to read some other tips and posts related to replication,
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Now moving here to go ahead with this post and the issue which I faced during adding new subscribers to publication. The issue is as the following which was raised as the message,

Replication components are not installed on this server. Run SQL Server setup again and select the option to install replication.

This message gives complete and clear information about exact issue and give suggestion too, as what need to do to complete this task. Just need to add that missing component for replication. Install replication component from SQL Server installation and select that component,

Adding feature to an existing instance,

After completing above steps of installation, I was succeeding to add subscribers to a publication. This is the common post, but hope you liked it.