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Configure Listener for high availability in SQL Server 2012

A week ago I posted for high availability implementation in SQL Server 2012. I would like to read the earlier post and continue that post with and it’s configure a listener for availability group. So let us follow the steps.

Step 1 :  Connect primary server instance of availability group and go to AlwaysOn High Availability –> Availability Groups—> Availability Group Listeners –> Add Listener

Step 2 :  Assign Listener DNS Name, Port and Network Mode which should be DHCP or statistic IP.

Step 3 : We are done and now it ‘s time to connect and confirm SQL Server primary instance.

It should connect SQL Server primary instance, even a case of automatic or manual failover of instance involved in Availability Groups. So whenever a failover or primary server failure happened, we do not need to changed data source\connection string of application or wherever used. Hope you may like it.