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Download file having specific extension in SQL Server - SSIS

Earlier we have seen some of the methods to download single file from FTP using tsql scripts and SSIS. So it's the same with single file, but a little bit different as we will download the file which have specific extension. Like we will have to receive the files which have extension of specific format of current date.

1. Here you can see the files from FTP, among them we will download one file. You can see target file.

2. Drag and drop FTP Task as shown in screen.

3. Choose new FTP connection option for to connect FTP and apply FTP configuration as shown below.

4. Here we want to download files, so we need to go ahead with 'Receive' operation.

5. Configure Local Folder for file to be downloaded.

6. Create one variable for the Remote Path for the FTP and assign the value of the FTP directory from where the file will be received.

7. Here we haven't given static value of Remote Path and file name, but the qualified name will be created dynamically. So apply expression for the Remote Path option like following.

8. Finally, execute the created ssis package and you will see the file received in the local folder. You can see the target file received in local directory.

Just it. Please share your ideas and comments here. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more posts.