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Script to find Assembly registered in SQL Server

Sometime we need to know registered an assembly in our SQL Server instance and Today I would like to share a script to find the same. Here is a script for same.
USE <DBName>

SELECT as AssemblyName, as AssemblyPath, 
 a.create_date as CreateDate,
 am.assembly_class as AssemblyClass,
 am.assembly_method as AssemblyMethod,
 a.is_user_defined as IsUserDefined
FROM sys.assemblies AS a
INNER JOIN sys.assembly_files AS af
 ON a.assembly_id = af.assembly_id
LEFT JOIN sys.assembly_modules am
 ON a.assembly_id = am.assembly_id
This script return assembly name, path, created date and object associated with it. I would like to you share, if any, other information can be received for registered assembly.